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Meet the Team

At Schurr Ireland, we’re a team of experienced Chartered Accountants invested in building strong partnerships with our clients. When you partner with Schurr Ireland, you know you’re supported by a team of trusted accountants who speak your language, go beyond the numbers and are easy to deal with.


  • Scott Ireland


    Scott is committed to being at the forefront of the accounting, rural and business industries to ensure he is a business partner that can lead and challenge his clients in the best way possible.

  • Floyd Wicksteed


    Floyd has more than a decade of experience in the accounting industry, working across a diverse range of clients, businesses and sectors.

  • Ken Vazey


    Ken is an experienced accountant across a wide variety of industries. He enjoys working alongside clients to understand their needs and offer practical solutions.

  • Nick Lawn


    Nick brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our organisation, making him an invaluable asset in navigating the challenges posed by the current economic environment.