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Tax & Compliance Services

Navigating the complex world of tax laws and regulations in New Zealand doesn’t need to be a burden on your financial journey. At Schurr Ireland, we redefine this experience, offering the highest quality tax accounting services with over 40 years of experience behind us. As your trusted Chartered Accountants, headquartered in New Plymouth and Eltham, we extend Tax & Compliance services New Zealand wide to both businesses and individuals.

Why Partner with Schurr Ireland As Your Tax Accountants: 

Trusted tax accountants for 40+ years: Our distinguished history ensures you benefit from a wealth of experience in unraveling the complexities of tax laws and ensuring compliance. 

Tailored solutions for financial empowerment: Our Tax & Compliance services are custom designed for each client to assist in meeting your tax obligations, minimising liabilities and achieving your financial goals. 

Focus on building strong client partnerships: Our commitment to building collaborative partnerships and gaining an in-depth understanding of your business or personal financial position translates to a genuine commitment to your success. We’re easy to deal with, we speak your language and go beyond the numbers to add genuine value. 

New Zealand wide tax accounting services: While we are headquartered in Taranaki, our tax accounting services extend across the nation, serving diverse clients from various sectors. 

Our Comprehensive Tax & Compliance Services: 

  • Annual Financial Reporting: Transparent and precise reporting for a comprehensive financial overview. 
  • Preparation of Taxation Returns: Expert handling of various taxation returns for individuals and businesses. 
  • Tax Advisory Services: Strategic insights to optimise your tax position. 
  • GST, PAYE, Fringe Benefit Tax: Navigating the intricacies of indirect taxes and benefits. 
  • Tax Payment Reminders & Estimates: Timely reminders and accurate estimates for proactive financial planning. 
  • Taxation Structuring: Strategic structuring to maximise tax efficiency. 
  • IRD Liaison: Seamless communication and coordination with Inland Revenue. 
  • Management of Your Tax Account: Efficient handling and management of your tax accounts with IRD. 
  • Assistance with IRD Disputes or Audits: Expert support and guidance during disputes or audits. 

Ready to partner with tax accountants committed to your success?

Experience the difference of working with the dedicated team at Schurr Ireland – contact us today to explore how our expert tax accountants can streamline your tax and compliance processes and help you achieve your financial goals.

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