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Bookkeeping Services

Make bookkeeping effortless and stress free by outsourcing your small business accounting tasks to the team at Schurr Ireland. With over 40 years of experience, we stand as your trusted Chartered Accountants, offering tailored bookkeeping and accounting services for small business and individuals. 

Headquartered in New Plymouth and Eltham in Taranaki, our accounting services extend across New Zealand. Regardless of your location and industry, we offer tailored solutions to say goodbye to the burden of bookkeeping! 

Why Choose Schurr Ireland for Your Bookkeeping & Small Business Accounting Needs: 

Trusted accountants for 40+ years: With a legacy spanning more than three decades, Schurr Ireland brings a wealth of experience to ensure accurate and reliable bookkeeping and accounting services for business and individuals. 

Flexible bookkeeping & accounting services: Our bookkeeping services are available on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis, offering flexibility to suit your unique requirements. 

New Zealand wide bookkeeping services: While we’re headquartered in Taranaki, our services extend across New Zealand, providing the highest quality bookkeeping services to individuals and businesses of all sizes. 

Bookkeeping and accounting services for our small business clients encompass a range of financial tasks essential for maintaining accurate records and compliance. Here are some of the accounting services that the Schurr Ireland team provide for small business clients in New Zealand: 

  • Recording Financial Transactions: Accurately recording day-to-day financial transactions, including sales, purchases, expenses and receipts. 
  • Bank Reconciliation: Ensuring that the business’s bank statements align with your accounting records, identifying and rectifying any discrepancies. 
  • Invoice Processing: Generating and managing invoices for goods or services provided, tracking payments and managing accounts receivable. 
  • Expense Tracking: Recording and categorising business expenses, tracking receipts and ensuring compliance with tax regulations. 
  • Financial System Setup: Implementing and maintaining accounting software, such as Xero, to streamline bookkeeping processes. 
  • Payroll Processing: Managing employee payroll, including calculating wages, taxes and deductions and ensuring compliance with employment laws. 
  • GST Management: Calculating and managing GST transactions, ensuring compliance with New Zealand’s GST regulations, and preparing GST returns. 
  • Financial Reporting: Generating financial reports such as profit and loss statements, balance sheets and cash flow statements to provide insights into the business’s financial health. 
  • Budgeting and Forecasting: Assisting in the creation of budgets and forecasts to help small businesses plan for future financial activities and goals. 
  • Recording Fixed Assets: Tracking and managing the business’s fixed assets, including depreciation calculations. 
  • Tax Accounting and Compliance with Tax Obligations: Ensuring timely submission of tax returns and compliance with New Zealand tax regulations. 
  • Recordkeeping and Filing: Organising and maintaining financial records in an orderly manner to facilitate easy retrieval and compliance with regulatory requirements. 
  • Financial Analysis: Providing insights into financial trends and patterns based on bookkeeping data, assisting businesses in making informed decisions. 
  • Business Development and Business Advisory: Offering financial advice and recommendations based on bookkeeping data to help small businesses optimise their financial performance. 

Ready to get in control of your financial success? 

Get in touch with Schurr Ireland today and experience the difference of working with friendly and experienced accountants with a genuine commitment to helping you succeed.

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Bookkeeping Services at Schurr Ireland