Going deeper than the numbers

Having relocated to an innovative and inspiring central New Plymouth space, the team at Schurr Ireland are focused on delivering a service that goes well beyond the numbers.

It has been a motivating start to 2019 for the Chartered Accountants. Having moved from Fitzroy to its newly renovated Eliot St premises in April, the team is now armed with the space, technology and vigor to provide the services they’ve always visualised.

With a staff of more than 35 situated between its New Plymouth and Eltham branches, the company’s history dates back more than 30 years to its time as C.S Schurr. Co-directors Tom Schurr and Scott Ireland have been running Schurr Ireland for the past three – and they’ve been doing it at pace.

Schurr says the new building is not only about providing staff with the environment they deserve, but also elevating their client service levels.

“We’ve always been proud of how we deliver the core compliance side of things. Now we really want to dig deeper with our clients.”

While they have a strong ability to provide expertise relating to governance and reporting, it is their innovative programmes focused on business strategy and development that makes them unique.

“We’ve now got the physical space, and we’ve got a really strong team who have an amazing energy and desire to plan and utilise the services and systems that will help our clients with their own needs and growth.”

Having experienced the challenges that come with rapid growth themselves, Schurr says they are well-equipped to help other businesses do the same.

“It’s not until truly living it, that you learn it. The growth happened quickly for us, but the good thing is that scale does give you options. We have learnt a lot and our complete focus is now to bed down our own growth and really start delivering for our customers,” adds Ireland.

With a desire to work alongside those who value strong relationships, the Schurr Ireland team are also heavily influenced by projects that add value to the community.

A recent partnership with Shining Peak Brewing has been spot on with those values, says Ireland.

“It’s an innovative, community-focused project which we really value. Shining Peak are looking for different types of reporting and they’ve got a unique shareholder model with varying levels of experience, so we will be working with them to ensure they all have a quality understanding of the data and what drives them as a business.”

While the trade and agriculture industries hold a strong position in their books, Ireland says they have worked hard to build a diverse senior team with key skills in the commercial space, which adds another dynamic.

“I’m really pleased with the team we’ve got. We’re really lucky and our level of capability has gone through the roof which is going to serve us, and our clients well, for a long time.”