How Robust is your Trust

Wednesday, 20 November 2019 - 9:02am
The Devon Hotel

A seminar to ensure your trust will deliver your desired outcome.

We are pleased to be running this seminar and follow on Trust Review Meetings with Mark Jenkins of 2020 Business Dynamics.

Knowledge of Trust Management repeatedly uncovers several factors that people do not consider regarding their Trust. Some examples are:

  1. Trustees not sure of what they would like to happen with the Trust once they pass on
  2. Memorandum of wishes not understood or completed
  3. Out of date wills
  4. Issues with gifting or not gifting
  5. Not considering the implications on the Trust should one/both Trustees die
  6. Clauses in the Trust Deed giving rise to the potential for current beneficiaries to be removed and replaced with as yet unknown beneficiaries.

This seminar will help you better understand the key areas of consideration in your Trust, the impact of the changes to gift duty, identification of risk areas and how best to manage your Trust.

Benefits of attending the seminar:

  • You gain an understanding of the impact of the changes in legislation
  • You will learn the importance of correct Trust management
  • You will discover potential areas of risks of your Trust
  • You will learn the difference between your Will and Memorandum of Wishes
  • You will increase your understanding of your Trust

Proceeds of ticket sales will be proudly donated to Taranaki Futures.

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